5 Things You Can Do To Make Linux MORE Awesome

Some of them be eezee peezee (install fonts), some are good (learn the fuxn terminal), some are hard or just stupid/unneccessary (BTRFS filesystem) but it’s a good video to get inspiration. And be it just to be inspired to never get fat! πŸ™‚

Today I talk about several things you can do to make Linux amazing. Or more amazing.

Why did I write BTRFS is stupid? Coz I asked the guys in Endeavour forum, which is the most lovely Linux forum imaginable, about BTRFS and they all were like “No need for that, babygurl.” And they are the most smartest cookies, so now I know, and you know, too, there is no hurry to set up your whole system completely new, just for a newfangled filesystem that won’t make your PC any faster and is of only limited use anyway. 😐

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