FDA Diary: Day 827

Will it never end?

Good morning my hopefulls, and now deeply deceived fellow Covid-sufferers. The fukn USA and their mighty big pharma refuses to let Covid die in peace and quiet and just go away. Instead they unearth new scientists and new “facts” to keep the unloved legend alive and force us to worry about shit and spritz more DNA-contaminated shitsoup into our vains:

BA.4 and BA.5. Are they serious? Omicron has all but disappeared from the mainstream media, so matter of factly it doesn’t exist anymore. Or isn’t sexy enough. In any way, if there would be anything exciting to report about the umpteenth variants of Covid’s Omicron mutation, don’t you think our govts would’ve called for new stronger measurements already?

Even my mother survived a late-stage Covid infection unharmed, and she was 99 y/o at the time. How badly do you reckon will BA.4/5 drive havoc with your young and strong, attractive and sexually very active body?

Not at all?

Yes, zacly!

Even if you get infected you’re far better off unvaccinated than with Bill and Melinda’s shitsoup in your vains. You know Phizer is fixing up to making the whole mankind addicted to a steady flow of vaccines since they’re destroying the natural defences of your body. So fuk the fuxn FDA, fuk the fuxn Gates foundation, fuk the corrupt WHO, fuk big pharma, and fuk corporate America!

We’re all about becoming vaccine junkies! 😮

I know better, more sexy drugs to become dependent on. Really.

Apart from that I will just follow the natural ways we use to avoid infection. Sanitize, keep social distance, be clean, eat healthy. If you wanna, you may wear your mask. Kept most of us alive in the past 2 years, didn’t it? I wonder why it shouldn’t do the trick in the upcoming BA.4 and BA.5 pandemic waves as well.

PS: Sorry for reviving my defunct Corona diary but I feel newnesses like these need to be reported. It’s like in the early stages of the pandemic, a matter of live and death! Just the other way round. Don’t get vacced! Stay away from experts who are paid by industry foundations!

Cya later


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