Jeezuz, look at dat:

After some testing and playing with various Linux distros on our new-ish laptop, and in the end re-installing Manjaro – coz good stuff prevails – notice the battery life? 44 fuxn hours!!!

I mean, ok, pretty new battery n stuff, but 44 hours? Really? While I can accept that modern laptops without any dedicated GPUs, like our Clevo barebone, can easily reach 10-12 hours of battery life, 44 seems redonk overdone, no?

Runs 44 hours without recharge! Mhm. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Faulty OS…clearly! How does an OS know what you’re going to be doing wid that computer for “44” hours? Maybe you update the Intel firmware ‘n upgrade the BIOS. Then watch ‘Gone wid da Wind’ & ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ ‘n then eat ‘n take a nap. Wake up feeling like another movie…hey, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ sounds good right now! All w/o recharging the battery…Linux is infamous about not being accurate on battery life.

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  2. “a little optimistic.”
    “not being accurate”

    Guys, you think so? I guess you might be right. Usually it starts with 2 hours and steadily shows me a longer battery life the longer the machine is powered on. But I’ve never ever got an estimate longer than, say, 10 hours. 44 is freakishly long. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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