Manjaro is NOT Arch

No, really?

Yeah, maybe for you Linux geeks it ain’t the same … for some minor reasons. For the freshly baked housewife operation and look n feel are (more or less) exactly as in Arch. So, I don’t get an update every 5 minutes, I have a nifty tool to install the latest kernel, a beautifully customized desktop and some luxuries for spoiled grrls. So what? All these things I woulda install on my vanilla Arch as well, so no big difference.

But know what I get from the “real” Arch? The AUR, pretty fresh software, the nifty command language, if I want. Exactly the stuff I wanna have Arch for.

And anyway, no Manjaro user would ever say they’re using Arch proper. Using Manjaro is a cool thing by itself, nothing to be ashamed of and very very nifty. And nobody can deny that Manjaro is Arch-based, can they? And that Manjaro borrows heavily from the best Arch has to offer makes it maybe even a tiny bit cooler.

So for all intense and purpose, Manjaro = ArchLinux.

You can prove me wrong. Can you change my mind?

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