Mask-Off Diary: Day 823

Good morning everybody!

As you’ve seen I’m back to my old counting system. The health minister was wrong, I was right. Believe me, I was there on the first day of the South African lockdown; it was on that same day day I started this diary with the count of Day 1. It was the 27th March of 2020 and since then it’s 823 days.

And it is on this, the 823rd day Imma gunna stop the diary!

Am I happy? Yes, of course. But on the other hand I gotta admit hubby and me didn’t feel any hardships during the pandemic. We didn’t have any jobs to lose, we had our steady pensioner’s income, we don’t mind staying by ourselves and cocooning in for lengthy periods of time. And most important, we both don’t smoke and drink. So we didn’t even suffer when sale of ciggies and alcohol was banned for a while.

Supplies of food and beverages and toilet paper was always ensured and never a question that even crossed our minds. In so far we got away pretty easily.

Will I throw away all my masks now?

I’m gonna keep one. In the car. For … for … for dunnowot. You never know what’s gonna happen and if I need it. Some etablissements may still insist on patrons wearing masks or who knows, maybe we see a fresh outbreak of Covid in a couple days/weeks. Better be prepared than sorry!

You guys keep your heads up and be gud, ok?


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