EndeavourOS ISO Refresh Release

Mhm, ya, ISO refresh release is a nice way to put it.

Endeavour is based on Arch, which is a rolling release. Once you have it installed on your computer there is no need to ever install it again. So there are no new versions but just refreshed ISOs every now and then. Which means if you’re new to Endeavour – now is the right time to get started! The initial update will be small and done in no time.

See that EOS, on #2, is the sole distro in the Top 5 ranking showing an upwards trending arrow? These things always happen when a project is coming out with a new ISO, ppl are curious and surf to the distro’s website.

And here’s the usual disclaimer: EOS, as nice as it is, is not for n00bs! A modicum of knowledge and understanding is necessary if you wanna be happy with it. So please, if you’re brandnew to Linux, install the Minty goodness first and learn the ropes before testing the Archy waters.

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