Meet the Moles 2022

\o/ YAY! \o/ We love our moles and their nifty builds with which they make life on the grid so much betterer, don’t we? A little bit disappointing tho that everybody chose to appear in their human-like avatars, not in mole guise. 😐

Anyway, on with the show:

Meet the Moles on June 24th at 2pm PT live at the SL19B Arboretum, hosted by Saffia Widdershins.

Watch the show live with everyone inworld at the SL19B Arboretum by taking one of the following three SLurls:
SLB Exhilarate:…
SLB Wonderous:…
SLB Fascinate:…

The Moles are builders, scripters, and content creators employed by Linden Lab to work in the Linden Department of Public Works. Learn more about the LDPW:

SL19B Main Blog Post:
SL19B Talk Shows:
SL19B Shop & Hop:
SL19B Destinations:…

Second Life Blog:
Second Life Public Calendar:
Second Life on Social Media:

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