Windows 10 Users Forced To Upgrade to Windows 11

Windows 10 Users Forced To Upgrade to Windows 11 It seems Windows 10 users are being tricked and tempted by Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 11. These popups happen during the start up process of Windows and when at the desktop. You can decline, but its easy to make a mistake and when you restart you will have Windows 11 installed on your computer. A lot of people feel that Microsoft are trying to force them to upgrade to Windows 11 with these pop ups messages like, we recommend windows 11 for your device and restart to stay up to date.

block upgrade to windows 11

XXXXX No, you’re not! XXXXX 🙂

There’s a way around all that stress and pressure and an American corporation trying to ruin your life.


  1. I still have 2 machines on w10 that I only use for 3d software, but very rarely. Maybe it’s time I changed them.
    I have 6 on mint so I may revisit, manjaro. May even give Mate another look.

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    • I love Mate, it’s more customizable than Xfce and for my special needs alos better than the pretty Cinnamon. But that’s just me. 😐


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