No-Mask Diary: Day 818 *EDIT*

\o/ WHOO-HOO!!! \o/

Good morning, my darlings

Have you heard the news today?

When I entered the gym this morning, another lady told me I can take my mask off. It only dawned very slowly on me that the clerks behind the reception counter didn’t wear masks neither. So I was like whoopdeedoo! and tore my mask off, too.

Weird tho, later in the shopping mall everybody was wearing masks and the security guard asked me to wear mine, too. Obvsly word didn’t get around to the mall. Well, it is at the other end of the suburb and word of mouth only travels so fast. :/

Earlier this week, IOL reported that Phaahla made recommendations to the Cabinet.
The minister noted a decline in the number of reported Covid-19 cases and rate of hospitalisations, the effective productive rate of the virus, the positivity rate in the number of tests done and a decline in the number of daily deaths.
“We have been monitoring the epidemic working with the NICD and the current epidemiological analysis, points towards lower infection rates and that the country has exited the recent spike or 5th wave which the current limited regulations were promulgated to mitigate,” Phaahla said.
Phaala is expected to join Minister in the Presidency, Mondli Gungubele, at a media briefing on the outcomes of the Cabinet meeting. The briefing is scheduled to take place at 11am.
According to the latest Covid statistics, SA has recorded 1 028 new infections and 57 new deaths in the last 24 hours. The country has 13 520 active Covid cases and a recovery rate of 97.1%.
Meanwhile, the decision to drop masks has been met with mixed sentiments.

Read that? 1,028 new cases, 57 deaths in the last 24 hours! And 13,520 active cases, 97.1% recoveries. That might not be statistically enough to call it an epidemic but the numbers are much higher than what I expected. Yes, I react with mixed sentiments as well. 😐

I know I had promised to stop this Corona Diary when gvt puts an end to the state of national desaster. But since this was only the health minister Imma gonna wait till after the cabinet meeting later today.

And our mostest fairest and beautifullest city of the whole world?

The Western Cape premier minister, Alan Winde, said “It is now up to all residents to use the lessons they have learnt over the past two years to keep themselves safe. It is about individual responsibility“ Very true and wise words, Alan. So let’s maybe wait for, like, half an hour before joining the next mass sex orgy, ok?

I trust you lovelies don’t do stupid shit, no matter the regulatory status in your countries. We’ve indeed learned a lot in the last 2 years didn’t we? For example that people are ignorant fukkaz, dirty and unhygienic. And we’ve learned you don’t necessarily have to hug everybody and that most of us can thrive in quarantine.

Cya laterz


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