Manjaro 21.3 _Ruah – New version of Xfce Desktop with Overview as of 6-19-22

Almost inevitable: Buncha YT vids after Manjaro releases a new ISO. It is a big thing afterall:

You know Thor’s spiel by now: He doesn’t permit direct links but requires you to lookiewatchee on his channel.

Now is XFCE not my fave desktop.But that doesn’t matter. Many Linux users love it, or at least are putting up with it. And in the case of Manjaro it is their standard DE! So we live with this video, no? Better than nothing …

You meet the nicest people on Manjo. This is Orca’s for example.


    • Mate has a problem, an image problem. For all the young folks without any imagination it just looks like the totally outdated Gnome2. 😦

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