Manjaro Makes Desktop Linux Look GOOD!

Yes, Derek we know that. The guys around Phil have a knack for making everything look groovy baby. πŸ˜‰ Unfortunately Derek has picked the hateful Gnome desktop as an example. 😦

Let’s watch the video nevertheless:

Just a few hours ago, Manjaro released a new version (21.3). Manjaro has three main editions: (1) Xfce, (2) KDE Plasma, and (3) GNOME. I almost always look at the Xfce and Plasma editions of Manjaro, so I thought I would switch things up and look at their latest GNOME edition…



  1. Oh that’s good to hear, Harlyn. I mean Manjo ain’t in the Top 5 for no reason. But please don’t hold me accountable for anything going wrong. I wasn’t always eye to eye with Manjo myself and spent most of my adult Linux life in other, more Archy distros.

    From where do you come, vanilla Arch, some Ubu, Debian, SuSE, Fedora or what?

    About how good it looks: I trust you know that we can make every distro look exactly the way we want it to, right? That’s why in all my 9 years on the platform I’ve never achieved to sport a fancy desktop. Just slightly modded Mate DE and no bling. Coz that’s how I like it. But I also gotta admit the Manjo guys have taste.


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