Look, my Manjaro Linux is a …

… cute little kitten. =^.^= No, honest. It’s seriously cute and cool!

The lastest small update served me only useful things, presented with love. Incremental kernel update – probs for more security n stuff – and the latest and greatest Nvidia driver for my graphics card. The keyboard config file? No fuxn idea but it will probably protect me from making typos. A girl can dream, can’t I? πŸ™‚

And you know that you’ll be able to install the system updates at any time convenient for you, not forced on you when Microsoft feels like. And you can work completely uninterrupted while the update is going on in the background.

Like the former guy used to say so rightfully: User first!

But now, before you commit murder suicide coz you so jelly, this doesn’t have to be an unfulfilled dream. Linux is for everybody and will lift everybody up to goddess status. Start humble with the Minty goodness and then eventually, but only if you really really want, ascend to some or the other ArchLinux derivative, like Manjaro for example.

OkΓ©? You feelin’ me?

Oh, and don’t be angry for Linux propaganda bomb. I’ll spare you the pandemic and Ukraine diaries for today. That’s a gud deal for you, right?

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