Ukraine 17.06.22

Let’s see what hubby found last night while I was having my beauty nap:

Everybody in the EU a comedian these days.
And they say Germans have no sense of humor.
Really, Uschi, really?
As so often lately: Play stupid games, win stupid prices.

So much fun we had today. Right?

No shit, the whole Ukraine story is too sad for words so we seek refuge in stale jokes. And that while we cry bitter tears for Ukrainian younglings and grandpas beeing forced into service as cannon fodder and sacrificed on Joe’s and Volodymir’s altar of vanity. Surrender and be shot to death by your commanding officer; don’t surrender and be destroyed (the new fashionable word for slaughtered) by the Russian army. Come what may, you’re fukked. And not even in a good way. 😮

Know what Brussels should’ve done instead of ruining Europe? Tell America to go and phuk herself. And then support Russia in its housekeeping struggle against fascist Ukraine. That country is but an ugly pimple on Mother Russia’s ass, let’s not be in the way when Russia squeezes it out.


A happy united Europe with good friends in the global east, super duper bizniz, everybody get rich, and we send some mild overseas development assistance to the USA. Just to see them through sorting out their problems n shit.

Just in case some of you haven’t noticed it yet: What we’re witnessing right now is America’s last stand. She fights like a wounded mountain lion and takes her whole pack of minions down with her into the abyss.

FFS Europe, don’t be a minion!

Oké, off to the gym now. Laterz …


  1. I love reading you Orca, but I just don’t get your position. Yeah the USA has lots of faults and as any great empire will fall. But regardless the war in Ukraine represents democracy vs. Dictators and totalitarian authorities. Putin’s a dick and a thief. I just hope he gets what he deserves and the Russian people rise up. Just as well as Trump jail the f$ck!
    The west is not always the best but it is better than a lot of other places , where people have no rights.

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    • You don’t get my position? Yeah, of course you don’t. You’re firmly installed inside the shrinking western echo chamber and have access to only very carefully filtered news. Maybe you haven’t heard yet that my position is the position of 80% of the planet’s population, and more and more countries are struggling themselves free from the west, and joining the global south/east. Just you wait, the Rouble will replace the dollar soon as the world’s leading currency.

      “the war in Ukraine represents democracy vs. Dictators and totalitarian authorities.”

      Yeah,exactly why the Russians got involved in that war: Fighting a totalitarian nazi regime (installed by America for the sole purpose to poke the bear by terrorizing the people of Donbass). Putin’s a dick, same as every other president. You don’t get into that position by being a nice guy.

      Anyhoo, he and his team are completely right by intervening in the Donbass situation before Ukro troops could start their great invasion (again on Washington’s orders). Putin was forced into this. After years and years of trying to start a meaningful conversation with the west and being brushed off again and again, and the west becoming incrasingly pushy and radical we should all rally behind Russia in this war.

      And can you guys please finally stop making it all about Putin? For he’s just heading a very capable govt team. He ‘s only doing what’s required of him. Honestly, most Russians think he’s too soft and understanding with the Western clownshow, they would’ve bombed the whole Ukraine into the ground, NATO style … and you don’t wanna put him in jail either. He’s leading the Russian bear on a short leash.No matter how long he’s able to do that. Because the next guy will be much less agreeable and have a much shorter fuse.

      “the Russian people rise up.”
      They did. And since the invasion started Putin’s numbers in the polls have risen from ~60% to a little over 70 and are now solidly above 80%. Russia’s economy is getting stronger with each round of sanctions and the Rouble is strong as never before. Not a good time for CIA operatives to instigate a colour revolution in Russia. For that you’d need a downtrodden, unhappy populace but you won’t find that in Russia.

      “Just as well as Trump jail the f$ck!”
      Say about Trump what you will, what he does/did internally is of no consequence outside of your country. And internationally he was the best US Presi in a looong looong while. Tried to pull the troops out of diverse ‘stans,and Europe as well, and he killed the Transpac or what the name. Saved ~447 millions of €uropeans from becoming the same sort of rightless consumers like the Americans.


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