The Day Today

… was like so:

Typical lazy Africans: When I stepped out to the parking lot at ~7:30 am, the moon was still switched on. What a waste of precious resources. They treat it as if we had 2 of those.
My new gym bag after the original Chadidas fell apart.
Americans take note: This is how a toilet stall door looks like in the civilized world. It provides you with a modicum of privacy!
In front of the green grocers I saw a very very nice Class B motorhome on VW chassis. Small enough to almost fit into a normal parking spot but big enough to feature all the creature comforts. Lovin’ it!


  1. This is how a toilet stall door looks like in the civilized world.

    One look at your home toilet reveals that you spend *FAR* too much time hating Americans ‘n focusing on toilet stall doors that help trap dangerous gases inside public bathrooms. Public bathrooms need to be well ventilated…

    Can you show another pic of that toilet bowl you have inside your home? 😉

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    • 1) I don’t hate Americans per se, I just pity them. What I hate is their govt.

      2) The photo shows a toilet stall in the showers of my gym, not my home.

      3) There is in fact an at least 5 cm gap between door and floor. Plenty enough room for all human gasses to escape.


      • Public bathrooms need to be well ventilated…

        I said “Public” bathroom…i.e. meaning not your house. I wanted to see the old pic you had of your toilet bowl…the one most people in America wouldn’t have in their home.

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        • “One look at your home toilet”
          Scusi, thought you meant the actual photo from my diary. But yes, I know what photo you meant. The one that shows my old netbook updating while it sits on the toilet bowl, right? I somehow can’t find it.

          “your toilet bowl…the one most people in America wouldn’t have in their home.”
          You don’t have toilet bowls in your homes? 😮
          Fortunately I only stayed in hotels and motels on my America trips, and they all were well-equipped with those basic amenities. Pheeew … 😉

          Anyhoo, I’m happy that even public toilets in the civilized world grant me the peace and quiet and privacy I need while constructing my stinkbombs. Aaaand, this toilet stall is in a gym, most users are fit little twigs, eating healthy and only produce non-stinkin’ poo. 🙂 Can’t say how the situation is over in the Schwarzenegger locker rooms tho.


          • You clearly don’t know much about plumbing…especially those in Public Restrooms. A “5 cm gap,” in toilet stalls, is unsafe for ventilating Public Restrooms. Ever heard of “Exploding Toilet?” 😉

            Nah…that’s not the pic I’m talking about. It was the one taken after you had your black slave clean it…of the inner toilet bowl.

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            • Can’t find that one neither. And my black slave cleans the toilet bowl every week, so nothing special. BTW,our private bathroom’s door closes completely, from left to right, from top to bottom. And so far we had no explosions. Not even when hubby’s laying an egg. 🙂

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