SL19B Celebrations | SECOND LIFE Breaking News with Harriet

Our illustrious friend Isabelle Cheren sent her reporter alter ego Harriet out to tell us some mucho importante stuffz about Second Life’s 19th burfdei. Watchy …

Ifnore Harriet the rvent runs till July 5!!!!

Harriet is reporting on the SL19B celebrations which opens to the public on 16 June but has a pre open to the Second Life birthday group on 15 June. All inks are below with many only becoming Live on Thursday 16 June.
– SL19B Destination Guide Category will have a list of Community Experiences, Events, and Shopping Regions:…
– SL19B Birthday Calendar will list all the events:
– SL19B Shop & Hop – 20 regions and 400 creators to shop and receive gifts from:…
– SL19B Community Experiences to Explore:…
– SL19B Flickr Group for birthday images:…
– SL19B Shop & Hop Vendors & Bloggers Flickr Group:
– SL19B Shop & Hop Blog Post with complete list of all Merchants with direct SLurls:
– SL19B main blog post with all info:

❤️BLOG :-
❤️REDITT :-…

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