… is TSB! blog crew and contributor. So why would she need to repeatedly subscribble to the very blog she’s working for?

The email I received from WordPress.

Only a small handful possible explainifications, right? She either got a new machine or she installified a new system on her old hardware. What might it be? New Pop! or Fedora version? Or did she switch to Debian? Or whatever with more than 600 Linuxes to choose from.

Hey Becs, am I right? Can we expect one of your exciting exploration articles soon?

You know there is not much to expect from Manjaro and EOS fangrrl Orcsibaby in regards of new Linux installs (I have a semi-finished Sparky writeup waiting for completion since some days) so Becs, you be our last hope. 😐


  1. OOooopsie! When I created a WordPress account all the Rebecca names were already taken and I ended up as Bexlog. So now if I want to comment as Becca I have to log out of WordPress. But THEN if I want to “Like” an article it makes me log back in. It’s a crazy vicious circle and I had no idea you got emails about it. Hahaha!!

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    • Girl, I’m kinda huge on my blog, THE superduperwoman!!! I know everything that’s going on in here. πŸ™‚

      LOL, no. I won’t get notified when people unsubbscribbeln. 😦 Only when they subscribe. So when you repeatedly unsubscribed and resubscribed I’m only informed about your comings, not your goings.

      But alow me one question, please: Why do you wanna be sometimes Becca and sometimes Bexlog? Everybody knows it’s you in both cases.


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