Completely automatic and by themselves our ISP did this:

The fibre company Vumatel switched us up on 100/100 for 2 month from yesterday onwards. No further explainifications given. Not even the ISP nose wotz going on. 😐 I bet they will offer all customers to keep the higher speed – for higher fees – or get set back to our old speeds. It’s a tried and true strategy: They count on our fascination with the new speed and assume most of us will accept the new prices.

Pretty smart, right?

In case you’re confuzzled now: The ISPs nowadays are more or less nothing but resellers and promotioners of the actual trench-digging and fibre-laying companies. In case of the fibre we didn’t have much choice, in our complex we got 2 companies laying out the fiber, the newcomer bought out the first guys, and so we’re on Vuma. ISPs, we had about 20 to choose from and Rocketnet had kinda the cheapest offer and … look at their cute spaceship design! πŸ™‚

Can’t say no to kyoot!

Well, considering we only asked for and started out with a 20/20 service, and were bumped up to 50/50, we’re totally over the moon with our ISP and the fibre guys anyhoo. And 50/50 is no slouch for a pair of pensioners. And, as it is with fibre, each of our machines gets full speed service, no sharing of bandwith. =^.^= So I doubt we’re gonna accept the 100/100 for a higher price. But we’ll see what they have in mind for us. Who nose, 100 might be the new standard and they’re just field-testing the infrastructure’s robustness.

Oh, btw, no, 92 down and 93 up aren’t the announced 100/100 but they just switched it on yesterday afternoon and I guess after some calibration and finetuning the service will indeed level out at 100 up/down.

But anyhoo … not bad for an African shithole, innit?

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