Okay, Ukro Bizniz

You ready for some truth bombs? Let’s do this:

Does anyone care what these clowns are proposing?
Blaming the president of a sovereign but terrible country? Did they wake up?
Biden woke up?
Indeed did Zelensky throw himself under the bus. You don’t play with the bullies and thugs and expect to survive, Volodymir!
Attrition is their game! Nobody plays it better than patient Russkies.
Zelensky and his brutes are ashamed to admit the defeat to their sponsors. Easy as that.
And that guy was a professional FINANCIAL TIMES writer? As a reader I’d ask for my money back.
Yeah, not that easy to see … and also totally inconsequential. She won. You We lost.
Adult in the room? He’s a Pole FFS! As far removed from political adulthood as any US president.
Mhm. All I ever wished for. If only he wasn’t such a liberal pussy. :/
Wait! He can do that? 😮
UK newspaper, right?
Shows they don’t even wanna negotiate with Russia. And Russia just says Meh.
Russia’s reaction to the West.

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