• Good to see you, darling. You still do races? Remember I sent out group notice so Trap, you and me can decide what to do with our marina. I don’t see any activities there. :/

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      • Oh! Shame on me!

        I was to tell you for a long time. I’m not hosting any race now, and our marina is almost ever empty but for my garbage.

        If you want to use your land tier for your new Onsen, please go ahead. I haven’t seem Trap on line for a good time, but if she have another place to use her tier, I don’t have anything against also.

        All I need is one day or two to give away the excess, but I think LL give us some time to adjust the land owned by group before they took it back.

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        • I’m just asking because I guess just yours and Trap’s tier isn’t enough to pay for the marina. I committed when we bought the parcel … and committed I’ll stay! It’s just a shame if we don’t do anything in our little corner of the bay.

          Btw, Across the Universe is truly the Beatles’ bestest song. Jai guru deva, om! ^.^

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