Come, Visit the New Orca Onsen!

Ohayo gozaimasu, my lovely bikini sisters!

And now toss that thing off and enjoy a traditional bathing experience in Orca’s traditional Japanese onsen. We don’t need unhygienic clothing here. Let’s just imagine we’re living in a time before the longnosed giant gaijins from Amerika came here and told us we must believe in some Xtian God and that God is gay and don’t like nekkid tiddies. 😦 But some of us grrls are gay, too, and love nekkid tiddies very much. ^.^ So, bring your girl- and/or boyfriends and jump right in.

The proud owner in front of her bath house.

This morning I just rented a small parcel at my old stomping ground in Serena Estates. And of course first thing to rezz was an onsen. It’s still naked by now but I’m gonna put some gokuraku bathing poses and anims in. Meanwhile you’re already welcome to check it out.

The parcel as I rented it.

Stupid thing: I kinda lost my bestest water texture. 😦 No idea how and where it is and where I bought it. Shiiiit. Coz the water texture in the pool of my onsen isn’t very nice. The whole build is rather oldschool, heavy on prims and clunky. Will try to buy a better one … or build myself.

Bestest water texture evaar I found in Naota Nanase bathhouse.

About this exact same onsen building I reported in this very blog already years ago. Remember?

BTW, yes, this is Space Empress Orcadia, en route to the sci-fi event … of which she forgot to take a bookmark and so unfortunately can’t go. 😦

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