when was the last time you went on a hunt?

\o/ Whoohoo! \o/

Analyse Dean’s Mesh Shop is part of the line-up of sponsors for this event. Maybe there is the one or other Bandit boat to get?

madi + snoop

when was the last time you went on a hunt?

This is a invitation to you from [ INMOTION ]!

Promotional video: https://youtu.be/yrPg-SEegNY

Come on over! The hunt as begun! 

Just for you ------ they have created seas full of sunken treasures.

And... amazing friends have brought their own bounties of gold for you to bring home. 

Are you daring? Are you brave?

Most importantly, Do you want to have fun? 

Here's the lm: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Petrichor/90/8/30

The hunt will run the entire month of June. 

Grab your snorkel!

But please, bring your friends and share your pics on our Flickr!!

Come! Hit the water with a splash and let's have fun!

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