Second Life University Livestream – Linden Exchange Tips with Spots Linden

Finally the Linden University gets into more complex topics … and right above my stupid noggin. When it’s about money I only know how to waste it. 😉

Second Life University is a project that aims to teach people all about the vast virtual world of Second Life. In this video, Second Life’s Tier One Support Supervisor, Spots Linden, will be sharing some Linden Exchange tips on June 2nd at 11:30am PT.

Topics covered in this video:
0:00 – Intro
2:25 – What the LindeX is and how it works –…
3:33 – How to purchase or exchange fiat currency for Linden Dollars –…
4:13 – Purchasing through a Limit Buy –…
5:16 – How long do Limit Buys take?
6:49 – What options do Residents have if they no longer want to wait for the Limit Buy?
7:55 – Cancelling your buy order 9:04 – Market and Limit Sells for selling Lindens
10:56 – Withdrawing credit from your account balance –…
12:00 – Info about Know Your Customer (or KYC), which is managed by Tilia
12:59 – Adding a receiving account that Linden Lab can transmit funds to
13:53 – Establishing a billing relationship with Linden Lab
15:25 – Issuing a Process Credit Request
17:17 – Filing a ticket through the support portal –
20:01 – How to correct errors in purchasing or selling
21:00 – Tip: Try restarting dashboard/viewer/browser
21:31 – Viewer Question: What is the turnaround time for support?

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