• Me? Oh … I guess I’m too precious for running Mint. πŸ˜‰

      LOL, my Linux history is a bit different from most people’s. I was on Mint, and too stupid to get it. So my Guruine told me I must use Manjaro, showed me all the important commands and helped me made it my “home”.

      So in the time when Manjo was shit on Mate DE I tried other – also Arch-based – distros. Namib, Archman and Endeavour in succession. But that was as far as I ever went and I’m happily back on Manjaro now. Not because it is more fancy but just because it’s easier than Mint. In an Arch terminal I can do cool things, in a Deb/Ubu terminal I’m useless.

      Buuuut I see and happily accept Mint as the favourite Linux for most people. Like you, you know exactly why you’re on Mint and not on any other distro: It’s your go-to workhorse, you don’t give a fuxx about fashion and the AUR and the bragging rights, and the toxic masculinity of Arch … and blessed you be for that healthy mindset.

      It’s the same with me and Manjaro, it’s comfy and easy for me personally. I let the “real Arch” people make fun of me and enjoy the unpretentiousness. It’s a very good feeling that, after more than a week of no updates and me developing a bad conscience, I can shrug it off and be assured that the update will come in the next few days and I don’t need to be nervous like I always was on EOS. πŸ™‚


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