Hey everybody! Did ya miss me? Did you even notice that I didn’t blog yesterday? Not a single burp was to hear from TSB! for the whole day. Duno why, prolly a lack of newnesses. But we’ve collected some now, so let’s dive right into the twittersphere …

That sposed to shock us?

Rus or Ukros in action:

No fear, the dog was unharmed.
The most busy double in the world.
The Sun has always been a shiny example of good journalism!
Cretins indeed, my dear Gonzalo.
Thank you Bernd. Not all Germans are fuked up!
Rolling up in gangsta style!
… while they are booking their flight tickets out of the self-created sticky situation. 😦
Welcome WaPo to the enlightened side.
Some much needed history lessons for Americans.
That’s how a professional military looks and feels!
Doesn’t compute. 😐

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