Africa Diary: Day 792

Arriba people!

The world’s gone completely silly now. And leading the whole clownshow is not America, Ukraine or the EU. Shocker, yes I know. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ But in puncto Covid-19 I guess we have a new winner:

Well, as cool as that sounds, SA just can’t pass up any opportunity to prove to the world what a fuxxn wannabe country they truly are:

After 2 SA scientists made it onto That List …

… the almighty bureaucracy made a shambles of it all and managed to show the country as what it really is: A make-belief political construct without any sense. That’s why we love living here so much. But as a traveller you better prepare for some … irregularities. :/

You guys good? I hope you are and stay that way. Because I have no idea about what’s gonna happen when in a few days all Covid restrictions will be nullified. I guess for once I don’t pity you for not being here. In fact I guess it’s better to stay at home for all of us on the whole planet until the fuxxn pandemic is declared as dead by people with real authority, you know. We made it so far, stayed at home, only ventured out for necessities. Now I don’t wanna stumble on the home stretch.



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