Second Life University – How to Customize Your Avatar with Hair & Accessories

Second Life University is a project that aims to teach people all about the vast virtual world of Second Life. Watch Second Life Resident Boston Blaisdale as he shows you how to customize your avatar with hair and accessories.

Topics Covered in this Video:
0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Previews
0:40 – Purchasing Men’s hair
1:23 – Unpacking items
1:48 – Examining the unpacked hair folder
2:03 – Searching inventory and applying a hairbase from a different folder
2:40 – Wearing the mesh hair 2:52 – Resizing the hair
3:27 – Repositioning the hair 3:40 – Rotating the hair
3:59 – Changing the hair color
4:42 – Purchasing a different hair style
5:01 – Wearing the hairbase and mesh hair in the folder
5:19 – Resizing the hair to fit
5:24 – Showing style and color options in the HUD
5:45 – Wearing women’s hair and wearing the right size that fits
6:13 – Showing styling and color options in the HUD
6:26 – Purchasing earrings from the marketplace
6:41 – Opening package from the “Received Items”
6:50 – Cleaning up “Received Items” after unpacking
6:59 – Wearing the earrings
7:07 – Customizing the earrings using the HUD
7:25 – Shopping for accessories inworld
7:34 – Purchasing a backpack and wearing it
7:44 – Repositing the backpack
8:07 – Purchasing a scarf from the marketplace
8:22 – Wearing the scarf and explaining the difference between rigged and unrigged versions
8:33 – Changing the color by using the HUD
8:53 – More tutorials coming soon!

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And again I must ask if this is really SL University. Everything they’ve shown until now is more like primary school level. Come on, guys, getting ourselves dressed is what every resident can do on their first day in world.

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