Germany Diary: Day 790

Politicians, I tell ya. 😐

Molo Kunjani my dearest readers

Karl Lauterbach, the most hardheaded, nonsensical health minister Germany ever had is not just an arrogant prick and seems to suffer some mental dysfunctions or a drug problem, he’s also politician through and through. First declaring there won’t be any easying of the Covid-19 restrictions until 2028 or so and now – all of a sudden – this:

So, he finally opened his eyes and noticed that Germany ain’t the leader of the EU pack but trailing far behind all the other stupid kidz. No wonder that, after the Brits are outta the game, we often refer to it as Europe’s America. Totally unearned shows of self-grandeur and useless allegiance to the USA’s brinkmanship and all. 😦

What does this new development mean for hubby and me? Ya, well, shit. We can only hope that travel from Africa into the EU/Germany will still be restricted for a long, long time. Coz we don’t wanna get vaxxed, ffs!

For now our health insurance still accepts hubby contacting them via website and no personal visit. Only time will tell for how much longer this will be possible in the future.

You guys stay healthy and fit and … sceptical! Ok? Don’t believe anything they’ll tell ya.

Cyall a bit later



    • Yes, tee hee. πŸ™‚ Lauterbach himself was bragging about setting a leopard up with monkeypox and have it bite some volunteers or sumfink. I guess he is just bored with Covid and needed a new hobby. :/

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