What Makes the Cinnamon Desktop Environment so Great?

Yes, we all love Cinnamon. Not only in our Mint Linuxes but everywhere where it’s available. And here someone made a video that explainfies to us why we love it so much. Great, right?

We take a look at the Cinnamon Desktop Enviroment in the second episode in our series about Linux DE’s. We take a look at the advantages to using this DE and hopefully get a good enough “test drive” to see if this would work on your own system. We use Linux Mint Debian Edition 5 or LMDE 5 as the distribution to test Cinnamon DE.

Oh yes, LMDE5 is a great choice. I mean if you run Mint, you may run its Debian edition as well.

That channel seems to be very nice and most of all – n00b frenly! I’ve subscribbled to it right away. 🙂 I wish I’ve had such a channel at my disposal back when I was just a tiny little baby Orca.

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