Very Good Dreizin Report

Folks, this is direct from America, written with an American perspective. You can’t say that Jacob Dreizin is a Putin fangrrl, like your editrix allegedly is. He just analyzes the situation and where America goes wrong in her fight against Russia.

Read the article. It’s an easy read and a fukn eye-opener!

Klik here for next level enlightenment!

In this edition:

  • Ukraine war exposes EVERYTHING wrong with American politics
  • …and here’s my solution!
  • Donbass update
  • Some belated May 9th festivities
  • Dumber than dumb
  • And other Twisted, Terrifying Tales of Evil and Depravity!

Don’t call for the destruction of Carthage, unless you’re quite sure you don’t live in Carthage!
Moscow, 9th May 2022: 1 mio Putin fangrrlz.

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