Manjaro Again …

I don’t know how often I swapped Manjaro for EndeavourOS since I have my new lappytoppy. But right now I’m back on Manjo and I guess it is as it is and I’m gonna stay with it for a long time from now on.

Welcome back.

Manjaro is the bestest Linux distribution EVAAR! … for me. Based on Arch, equipped with many creature comforts, pretty much up-to-date, pretty, unproblematic; and small niggles are sorted out by the devs before I even muster up the energy to log into the forum to complain.

So it’s not real ArchLinux. Yes, ok. So what? Are we in a competition to make our lives as awful as possible? Asking me, I’m on Linux to have it easy, not in order to become a geek granny. And with Manjo I only need to carry out system updates/maintenance once a week or so, not 10 times every day, like in Endeavour.

You can think/say about Manjaro and my fave desktop, Mate, whatever you fancy. It was the first really satisfyingly functioning distro after I started my Linux journey in late 2013, and since a year or so they seem to be back on track. So I guess everything comes full circle, at least for me.

Thank you EOS, thank you fuking frenly, helpful, patient and uncomplaining EOS forum. You guys are the bestest. But I guess for this bish, it was time to move on/back.


    • Why you LOLing, Neil? You decided on Debian, which tells me you know what you’re doing. And by choosing the awesome Cinnamon desktop you’re proving that you are a man of culture, and very good taste. Nothing to sneer about. xx

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    • Renard, I sport the Manjo/Mate combo on my main machine since like forever (~1 year) now. I just wanted to keep things fresh by having EOS on the lappy. And obvsly missed enough updates to run into trubbelz. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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