1. Shame on you, Orca! With this post you really lost all respect. I had to report it and hope, others with follow. It is a bit weird though that you use an US-site if you hate the USA so much… To readers who find it inappropriate like I do: You can report here: https://wordpress.com/abuse/

    Silber Sands


    • Ugh! Come on, man, this thing went viral already before I reposted it; you wanna report half the internet now? And why didn’t you cry out when I showed a screenshot of a dead civilian some weeks ago? Because he wasn’t a Asov fighter but just a – probably ethnic Russian – civilian?

      Mariupol Road Of Death “Ilicha” (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC 18+)

      I’m very disappointed in you. Where’s your fukn humanity?


      • Oh, btw, I don’t hate the USA. Never did. I’m very critical of their govt, which is a huge difference.

        And I don’t see what the USA’s gotta do with this post or the Ukro war. I mean, yes, we all know it was initialized and instigated by Nuland and her hubby but it’s not official and we’re not supposed to know. What I really hate tho, are nazis.

        I don’t think that WordPress owners or shareholders are in cahoots with any rightwing/nazi organisation. If it turns out they are, I’m more than happy to end my relationship with that company immediately. Matter of factly I’d feel obliged to do so.


    • I did protest against your linked video of the woman as well, so do not write wrong stuff!

      The fact that you posted a video of a man who obviously committed suicide plus your evil comment about it is a “No-Go”, no matter if he was Ukrainian, Russian or from wherever!

      You wrote: β€žUgh! Come on, man, this thing went viral already before I reposted itβ€œβ€¦ Bad enough, and you had jumped on the train? !

      Silber Sands

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      • “and you had jumped on the train? !”

        Yes, yes, yes, of course. It’s a god train going in the right direction, not a govt-created anti-democratic train. OMG what happened in Germany in the last few years? All of a sudden formerly great people seem to have lost all critically thinking abilities. Is the media in the west really so bad?


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