… is a nice, yet comprehensive information app you run in your Linux terminal. And it’s so eezi peezi. Just type in inxi and watch the magic happen:

Everything you need to know on one glance. Uptime, kernel, RAM, proci, processes running, used/avail memory. Not that you wouldn’t get kinda the same amount of info from neofetch

… which also looks prettier, but neofetch you gotta install seperately while inxi is part of your Linux already. Anyway, it’s all good, made with care by people who care and – mostest important – it wasn’t cooked up by Microsoft or Apple.

Come. Join us on the Linuxy side of computing. The world is better here!


  1. 🙂 Inxi does not come preinstalled on vanilla Arch Linux (It is one of those things that vanilla Arch Linux users have to install for themselves; the same thing applies to Yay).

    Luckily for you, Inxi and Yay come preinstalled on Endeavour OS.

    Manjaro users are also lucky to have Inxi installed by default.

    By the way, I love Neofetch.

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    • Yes, I’m obviously so lucky as a totally happy Manjaro user. EOS on the lappy kinda fukked up, so I got rid of it and reinstalled Manjo just yesterday. And yes, Neofetch looks cool. But I guess inxi with all the added shit is far more comprehensible and you can dive really deep into your system with it for analysis.
      When I had trouble installing the Nvidia driver in EOS, the geeks asked me to make a lot of different inxi stuff and then they could tell me exactly what was wrong with my system.

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