CovidOmicronWave Diary: Day 785


I’m sooo fuxn exhausted. After a while without any comprehensive Covid news and peace and quiet, and meditating on the time after, lately the news are flaring up again. Every day we get to read new OMG, it’s the end of the world! headlines, which, on closer inspection, are nothing but white noise.

For example today:

So, resilience is key to survival? No really? Bish, what do you think we did in the last 2 years if not showing resilience? I guess we indeed kinda developed some sort of superpower that protected us from getting infected: It’s called rational thinking and is supposedly what makes us humans so superior over all the other mammals on this planet. Oh, and it’s apparently super rare even in our species, and only a small percentage of survivors are blessed with this gift.

You and me, my frens, we are the chosen few! ^.^

For the less favoured, they can have an inspirational ice cream …

Go, read the articles and weep.Particularly the two from the medicine faculty journal The Conversation, are a joy to behold. 😦

Off to the gym now. Cya laterz


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