The Great Ukrainian (Border) Post!

And most probably one of the last I can fit in until the final collapse of the Zelensky regime.

Solomon Islands is already under supervision.

Remember the bold Ukrainian troops bringing their offensive right up to the Ukro/Rus border?

This is why professional militaries don’t permit their soldiers to carry cellphones into “battle”.

Their great leader is an actor, and so are his elite troops.

And German “newspaper” BILD falls for the fake:

Not a rag read by people who actually know how to read.
Meanwhile our mobile border post and its bold stewards made it deep into unfriendly territory.
They fulfilled their mission to survive!
Yes, as I just said.
Russians know how to evacuate their enemies from the battleground.
Western media doesn’t even try anymore. 😐
Now it’s serious. 😦

I gotta say our chippie around the corner always has more than enough fish – and also chips – in stock. Freshly delivered every fuxn day. But then we people in South Africa aren’t disturbing the world peace either. So we get all the fish. Bon apetite.

As already mentioned, they aren’t even trying to hide their lies. 😦
Tanya, please! This is no joke. 😦
What? Russia has invaded the UK?
Oh, they evacuated right into Russian POW camps, or directly into jail for war crimes?

That’s how an evacuation looks like?

It’s over, people. The drops is sucked, the pancake has been eaten, the ship has sailed and all possible phrases. The world will be a better place from now on. I hope even the most hardcore dummies among you will see the reality now.

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