Peaked Diary: Day 782

Gud evening my fellow Coronas!

Let’s see what caught my eye today:

About China: Pheeew, they not completely stupido. Inbound travellers from some US airports don’t need the 7 days RT-PCR test anymore buuut “two RT-PCR tests within 48 or 24 hours of their flights”. Okayyyy. The world didn’t go totally gaga. Don’t make it too easy on citizens of a country that can’t wait to declare war on you. 😐

And, as always, South Africa is a fukn class act. We’ve reached the peak of the 5th wave (a wave that was unofficial and nobody really noticed in the first place), so I guess there is nothing that will stop the end of all Covid-measures. 🙂 I dunno exactly when the 30 days period will be over, might be 1st of June. Fuk yeah!

How is the situation at your location? Covid a thing of the past or is your govt still panicking and trying to get all y’all vaxxed before the useless – and often really dangerous – vaccines are turning stale?

However, have a wonderful gud night and cya tomorrow.


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