Vaccination Diary: Day 776

Good afternoon my peeps

Welcome to the daily clown show:

So, in SA we have an increase because of a spike? Isn’t that kinda the same? And does it change anything about Covid’s harmlessness overall? No, it doesn’t. And they wonder why nobody wants to be vaccinated with their untested shitsoup?

Really people, gvt and WHO, why don’t you slowly give it up? Force us to wear our masks up to the last day … but then go quiet and shut up all the alarmists.

You, my dear readers, you know how to protect yourself, right? Else you wouldn’t read this unharmed. So keep on doing what you’re doing coz you’re doing it well. What do our govts think? We survived the last 2 years by behaving like dumbos? Shiiiiiiiiiit.

Cya laterz


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