This is Fucked Up!

And not even in a good, sexy way. :/

New brand of camembert. Ooooh, packed in carton. All fancy n stuff.
Inside the carton box we find a plastic bowl with a glued on plastic foil lid …
… and only inside that there is the alu foil camemberts usually come in.
Finally the melty goodness of a fine camembert cheese. 😦

Really, people, really? If the plastic container at least had a resealable lid. But noooo. That would resemble smartness and needs to be avoided. Does this cheese taste better than our usual brand? It wishes. Maybe once it’s grown up and a bit more mature. No, I prefer the cheap brand we usually shop for.

This is complete nonsense. And bad for the environment. Not gonna buy this brand ever again. And neither should you!

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