The Human Library

Now look at this!

Found this in Graceful Addict blog. Oh my, this is so neat! Super simple, no tech setup needed. And it’s not a therapy session neither. Just two peeps conversing. We listen to another person who has maybe some handicap or some other problem. Maybe we tell them about our probs, maybe it’ll even help to give or receive some input. Maybe all we can offer is our sympathy, and maybe that is already enough. Typical Scandinavian idea. πŸ˜‰

Only one problem: We gotta pick a title. And since I’m so multi-dysfunctional I could never pick only one. 😐

However, The Human Library sounds more entertaining than 99% of the books in the library. And 1,000 times more useful. I’m loving it. Now if one of my many problems wouldn’t be a fear of people I would join.


    • Well, talk is what most people do in SL anyway, no? Be it text-based or voice. But, you know what, SL is too precious for me to use it for such things. Heck I don’t even use voice, although I’ve got the cutest German accent ven ei trei tu zpiek inglisch. It destroys the fantasy, the imagination. In my mind all tinies are speaking with chipmunks voices, don’t wanna hear the voice of a fat Texan or slick NYC Italian male. Fuhgetaboutit!

      In SL we unavoidably gather frens, and with some of them we really bond. Those are the ones we could harass with our private problems.

      But I know what you mean: A setup where you can chew off the ears of a stranger … hm, yes. Could work. And is remarkably easy to do. Don’t need much: Little build in the sky, some chairs …Don’t even need your own land for that. Sandbox, rez your human library up in the sky at regular times. Chat away.


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