Neverending Diary: Day 774

They just won’t give up, do they? Only happy once they’ve vaxxed the immune system out of the last one of us still mostly healthy people. :/

Spreading faster than Omicron? Whoa, we’re reaching ultrasonic speeds now or what? And anyhoo, it is still the good old Covid-19, is it not? And it becomes more and more harmless with each mutation, right? And even the most hardcore jaded health experts don’t dare talking about a pandemic anymore. Because the statistics don’t justify any panic or even caution. SA goes into winter season now, which means here in the Western Cape rainy season, flu, common cold, sniffels and unfortunately some of the very old peeps with compromised immune system won’t survive the season.

Fast. But not as fast as Omicron!

Solution is easy: Everybody who wants and needs can get a flu shot, swallow lots of multivitamin pills and – most important – take care not to get infected. If you’re old – stay inside! Huddle with a woolen blanket in front of the fireplace, send the younglings out for shopping n stuff and stay the fuck away from them. C’mon it’s just a few months.

Stay toasty!

Cya bold peepz laterz


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