• Was the Dilbert cartoon hurtful? A black token that identifies as one of the non-blacks and defies his existence/reason for why he was hired. That shows an incapability and non-understanding of the corporate world, holds a mirror to our faces.

          But does it hurt?

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            • Oh, you wanna end racism? For that you’d need to engineer the human genome, since a little racist wanker is in all of us. It’s system imminent! Only action that could be taken would be on the lawmaker/political side. But you and I, we both know our politicians are nothing but egomaniacal weirdos, lacking a moral compass, and completely hapless in social affairs.

              I just loved how Scott Adams showed how corporate SJW attempts badly misfired.

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              • Yeah … sigh … silly me, I keep hoping that humans find a way to make a better world — one where people are judged for their actions rather than the colour of their skin, one where everyone does what they can to help those less fortunate, and one where we work together, where arrogance and greed are non-existent. Sigh. Okay, so call me a cockeyed optimist or a Pollyanna … and you’re probably right, my friend, that we’ll never see such a world. I think, though, that I’m tired of fighting a losing battle, tired of trying to make others see the obvious. Since I was around 5 years old, I’ve wanted to do something to improve life for everyone, but after 70 years on this planet, I accept that it’s not going to happen. But still … I find it hard to laugh about any of it.

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