BA.4 Diary: Day 773

Morning wonderful humans

2 stories on IOL today, and I’ll tell you why I don’t mention them much further right after the usual screenshot:

BA.4 is completely harmless they say, and also this is data from some shithole SA province far away from your home, so we just ignore. The 34 volunteers story is a bit more exciting. Human interest stories sell papers n stuff. From the little info I gathered when browsing the article I learned that

  • symptoms showing very shortly after infection
  • heavy flu-like symptoms only lasted for 2 days
  • loss of smell also returned quickly

Well, the test subject in question was a healthy 24 y/o male, so make of the results what you want. I guess the Covid-19 virus shows different symptoms in each patient. Depending on prior health issues and age. 2 of the 34 strong sample group showed no symptoms at all but were very strong spreaders, and more anomalies occured during the test phase. So I guess they learned not much and the test was rendered obsolete anyway, with the advent of available vaccines and the appearance of mutations.

I guess, same as in the last 2 years, we all should just be careful to avoid infections – but not panic!

I hope you’re feeling spectacularly good, so see ya laterz


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