Russia Devours Ukraine. Still Loses War.

Not so much new material out of Ukrainistan today. I guess most of us kinda have the gist about what’s going on. At least those of us with a free, non redacted internet for adults. So here are just some non-spectacular thinkpieces:

Just in case some of you are a bit confuzzled now: If you wonder why the Russian invasion goes so fuxn slow. The Russians have all the time in the world. They are not going into Asovstal in full force, they have surrounded it, opened humanitarian corridors … and now they just wait. You know even the most hardened super nazi body needs food and water. So the nazi problem will sort itself out, soon enough. And even if they went into Ukraine with a much smaller army than the Ukros had, they are now already pulling out troops by the thousands.

Crimea, Mariupol, Odessa and Kharkiv are done deals, Donbas is secure, Elensky’s Ukros are finished; why occupy? As everybody should know, Russia is big enough as it is, they never needed, never wanted and never did go into Ukraine in order to occupy it. It was really, as they stated, a special military action. Mission accomplished I dare to say.

How long they gonna stay we will see. It all depends on how peacefully Poland and Hungary will cut off their parts and how the West will react to the new reality with a neutral/RF friendly Donbass. I’ve heard experts say that Russia’s gonna stay for good, and I heard it the other way round. Only interesting fact is that Russia has that old bufferzone between its borders and NATO established and secured. If that is guaranteed, Russia will leave. That’s the whole crux.

Let’s hope the US – after years of dragging their feet – will be opening up for earnest negotiations now.

Just my not-so-humble opinion. Let’s discuss. All the lines are open.

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