China Doing the Right Thing!

Look, read and learn. This is how it’s done!

Independently of what we think about China’s political-economic move, I, as a Linux user, am very happy to read stories like this one. 😉

Over the next two years China will take care of nearly 50 million PCs used in government agencies with “non-foreigners” that can be maintained nationwide. This also involves the abandonment of Windows in favor of Linux, to an extent aimed at cutting any possible dependence on US realities for everything related to the operation of the state machine.
This is a measure that actually comes “from afar”, with the Chinese government over the last decade trying to encourage the adoption of local hardware and software as much as possible, including hiring a company to monitor local suppliers in the development of sensitive components and services for the operation of government information systems.
A move that could have quite severe effects on the reality as Dell and HP, for which the supply and assistance of a government reality is an important part of their turnover. Conversely, Lenovo could have the opportunity to snatch significant market share from US competitors.
However, there are some components that are fundamental for certain purposes and for which there is still no “made in China” alternative. Chinese PC system manufacturers will still rely on Western components – for example, processors and GPUs – to be able to build their machines.
It is similar that special permits will continue to exist for some specific categories, such as state media and cybersecurity agencies, because they can continue to source foreign technology, even if there is no real future in the future for a squeeze for these particular cases as well.

I guess the Chinese mustn’t worry about sourcing CPUs and GPUs. Faced with an order volume of 50 mill pieces, neither Intel nor AMD will slam the door on the Chinese govt.


  1. Guys, there is also Ubuntu Kylin. Maybe they’re using that one … or probably, since Ubuntu is an unfrenly capitalist product, cooked up their own Linux. Is not too hard I hear and has been done before thousands of times by amateurs around the world. I guess China can afford a buncha geeks to build a professional OS, bespoke for govt depts. And it needs to run all the custom made apps, too. From drivers licence to tax formulars, they wanna have it all on Linux. And they know kung-fu! 🙂

    I’m just happy about 50 million new Linux machines/users by 2024/25! 🙂 And all of them on ThinkCentres and ThinkPads. As it should be.


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