EU Diary: Day 771

Errm, frens, did we talk about the EU already? Yes, yes, I know everybody knows they prove to be shitty frens and partners to Russia right now, but today I got word of something equally stupid:

Mislav Kolakušić is a good man. And he’s also smart enough not to accuse his fellow parliamentarians of being neoliberals. Of course as a member of the EU parliament he would saw off the legs of his own chair and show the EU as what it really is: A totally undemocratic, capitalist-fascist totalitarism.

Yes, of course they wanna ruin us. Of course they want to make us addicted to the vaccine since it’ll weaken our natural immune system and without it we’ll die from the next common cold.

But obviously his warning will remain unheard and negated. As will we. 😦 And the EU will go down down down and you will lose everything you own, not just your health. 😮 If you don’t act now you’ll end up as rightless and neglected as the Americans!!!

Jeeze, hubs and me, we are so happy to have escaped that evil clowns show already 20 years ago. And to think I used to be a glowing European, totally romanticed by the thought of international cooperation and dismantling of borders and a shared currency and peace and happiness for all. And now? A fuxxn nightmare! 😮

So, what can you do now? It pains me to say, South Africa, with all its problems is a good place for EU and US expats. Better than Australian infrastructure, super duper weather, ok-ish prices, European lifestyle, Moscow timezone, so no jetlag … and best of all, they aren’t part of neither the EU nor NATO. But they are part of BRICS, so we’re not being sanctioned by Russia. 🙂

No Omicron news on IOL today,so I’ll leave you with that.

Stay healthy, my frens


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