The Top Five: Oy Vey :(

Now look at this and weep …

4 going down,1 stagnated. Ok, I mean MX and Pop! can go and sexually molest themselves. But my fave 3 goodies, EOS, Mint and Manjo? They deserve better treatment and more support, much more support! So, you buggers, go to their websites and klikka on everything, download the ISOs, join the forae, contribute to the hype, get the HPDs up up and awayyyyyy… and make Orca a proud GNU/Linux momma!


    • Nothing sexual is ever inappropriate, Neil. The whole concept of sexual inappropriateness is a unsubstantiated myth. πŸ™‚


  1. πŸ€” In all honesty, I have no problem with a person starting off with Pop!_OS.


    Because few people stick with their first distro.

    In my case, I started off with Ubuntu.

    Today, I am quite contented with vanilla Arch Linux.

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    • I don’t have much of experience with Pop, Renard. Last time I tried it it was just a fork of Ubuntu and to me felt uncomfortable.

      I started off with Mint, which was and still is the best Ubuntu fork. But I only spent 2 weeks on Mint, and mostly found myself using Windows7 instead. Then my Guruine found me, picked me up and told me to install Manjaro. “We don’t have time to waste with Ubuntu! No Patience for that shit!” she told me.

      And that sealed my fate. πŸ™‚

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