Sub-Variant Diary: Day 768

Good morning, dear council members.

Only 1 point on the agenda today: New Omicron sub-variant found in the gutter. So what? It’s where Covid-19 and all its subsubsubsubsubsub-variants belong, it’s where viruses go to die.

Honestly, what are they trying to achieve with such alarming newnesses? Listen NICD, we’re all wearing our masks in public, we keep ourselves clean and sanitized and we keep social distance whenever possible. We do this since 25.23 months/2.10 years, and we’re good at it. What else do you want from us?

And BA.4? WTF?

If BA.4 behaves like its predecessors it should be as harmful as the common cold. I even bet the flu numbers this winter will be remarkably lowlowlow, since we’re all still following pandemic protocol.

And now fuk off and let us deal with our runny noses without you warning us of Omicron all the time. We know Omicron exists. And we know the flu exists as well. And, like each and every winter, some old, weak and previously sick people will be hospitalized. Some of them might even die. Which is sad.







Not anymore.

You lovely people behave and take good care of your health. So we can meet again tomorrow.


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