Seems they days of this despot are numbered!

But, Pepe, don’t forget the source is the chief of Ukro intelligence, a true and trusted strategic ally. Would he ever lie to us? But, no, I don’t think Putin will be succeeded by Patrushev but rather by prime minister Mishustin who was already carefully groomed for the job. Or, rather, since there is no existing vice president – which is weird – the cabinet will just go on with all the govt stuff and work while new elections for a prez are organized. Maybe Kamala Harris can jump in since she’s so bored with her recent job and has nothing to do but giving Biden palliative care.

And in further news:

But but but buuuut, my dear Garland, everybody and their granny already knows that …

… NATO delivered the war right to Russia’s doorstep. This is no news. Ya, well, maybe for the Vatican it is. Those catholics are always a bit slow on the uptake.

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