The War Today

Let’s have another peek at former soviet republic Ukraine, where all the action is happening right now. Shall we?

That’s NOT denazification, you dummies! 😦
The people of Mariupol never wanted to be Ukrainians!
Not really: Russia reacted exactly as predicted and as willed by Washington.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
No, Scott you naive little boi, the Ukraine war had to happen. Because Washington wanted it so.
Again, this is just what the West wants. Peace would be good for Russia, and they can’t have that.
Those Chinese … awwwww… =^.^=
Did they ever?
And again: Why do you fools think Biden wants to end a war he orchestrated himself?
See? Why do you expect a different outcome this time?
Almost? You kiddin’?
Medhurst sets facts straight!
Gonzalo found yet another Western propaganda lie.
And Hollywood plays along. 😦
I bet Angie didn’t even know of the existence of this shithole!
Urban legends your kids and grandkids will tell their kids. If we survive this shit.
Wait a moment. Isn’t he an infamous war criminal?
They still denying it? Spoiled little brats. 😐
Editorial error by an unpaid intern methinks.

Pheew, quite a lot today, eh? And some hard-to-swallow pills. A party I’ve always voted for turns out to be unreasonable, irresponsible warmongers, and my country of origin, together with the rest of Europe, will go down and not recover. Wasn’t it America’s turn to be found out as cheaters and be defeated this time around? But no, they take their henchmen countries down with them. Hubby just told me his pension will be raised this year … obviously for the last time in a long time. Or for the last time ever. Because on top of the rising oil and gas prices we’ll have to cough up 100 billion Woolongs to by shitty weapons in America. 😦

How come that the bad guys always win?

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