Fedora 36 BETA Pt. 1

Attention please! This ain’t a review but just another account of Orca failing just another Linux distro. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Fedora lately. Some experts say it’s the perfect compromise of newly updated software (as in Arch) and stability (Debian). I can’t say anything about that since I’ve nevergot Fedora installed on any of my computers. Hmmm, maybe the installer is friendlier for housewifey users.

Let’s see:

The website kinda knows who I am and appears in German. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ It looks light and friendly and the navigation is easy. Do I need my Fedora for my personal computer or a server? Pffff. Of course I click on workstation. ‘Workstation’, what a pretentious term for my little ‘puter. It shows that behind Fedora is bizniz giant Red Hat, a multibillion $$$ corporation with customers in the corporate world. Fedora is kinda their test bed. Dontcha ever forget that!


Meanwhile I’ve managed to switch the website from German to English, so you can read the Terms of Service. Yes, I know, this ain’t one of the easy peasy everything goes Linux licences but already kinda official bizniz shit.

Well, anyway, the download went fast and without problems. And, this might be useful for total n00bs, they have some helper programs for Windows and Apple users, to create a bootable USB stick. That’s great I guess, and if it werkz, maybe other distros should incorporate a similar function in their download sections.

First contact after the – very easy – installation is a introductionary slideshow. I found it kinda poor of content and more or less useless.

How you can push stuff around with your touchpad. Sorry, but if you didn’t know already how youv touchpad works you’re probably wrong here. :/

Finally we see the Gnome desktop. Gnome 40 or sumfink. Sorry, I hate that unfunctional shit. Miffed and unsatisfied I decide to log off for today. Buuuut, come on Orcs, don’t be daft. Millions of users do actually like that shit, so don’t give up on that stuff, ok?

Yeah, ok. Guess I’ll look into it again, tomorrow, and will try to find out if there are any options to customize the desktop to my personal taste and unweirdify the workflow. ๐Ÿ˜


    • Yes, a Cinnamon DE would make all the difference! And how is a – only vaguely interested – girl supposed to find that site? I just went back and looked all over the homepage … and couldn’t find it.

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      • Very difficult to find…follow instructions closely:

        1) Scroll down that Home page until you see “fedora SPINS” on left near bottom

        2) Click on “fedora SPINS” or “Learn more”

        3) Then – Click on “Fedora 36 Beta released! Test it now >” – only “Test it now” is linked.

        4) Pay close attention – this is the most difficult PART: Scroll down until you find a Beta release SPIN you like.


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  1. This might help:

    I’m always root user. Fedora Cinnamon doesn’t require the creation of standard user. I always set the root user password. You can also create a standard user account if you want the option to switch back ‘n forth. If you’re using a standard user, remember to add sudo to the below command lines (as Fulltime root I don’t need to).

    As you know – Update after installation:

    dnf update

    Reboot. At this time you’re probably going to be wid Kernel 5.17.5 so see how that is working wid your old Nvidia card…in case you want to eventually add a Nvidia driver instead of the default Nouveau. Next, make your browser settings ‘n such…if you use Firefox or Waterfox you can:

    Browser > settings > General…scroll down to Browser ‘n check “Use autoscrolling” in case your mouse can do it. Makes it easier to search ‘n scroll pages.

    Open dnfdragora > File > refresh Metadata. That should get you going ‘n maybe ready for the testing you will want to do, if MATE is similar to Cinnamon.

    If you want to add the Nvidia driver for your card…there may be better ways, but this is the link I use for my Nvidia cards ‘n Fedora:


    Add the free ‘n non-free rpmfusion repositories as instructed…copy ‘n past. My cards fall into the “recent GeForce/Quadro/Tesla selection” and I have never tried the:

    For Legacy GeForce 400/500 execute: dnf install xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-390xx akmod-nvidia-390xx

    For Legacy GeForce 8/9/200/300 execute: dnf install xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-340xx akmod-nvidia-340xx

    Fedora works well wid RPMFusion ‘n no driver “re-compiling every-time there is a new kernel update” is needed: however, my Kernel changed from 5.17.5 to 5.17.3 after I added my Nvidia driver. I don’t know what it changes to wid those Legacy drivers, but you may experience a reboot into BIOS after installing the Nvidia driver…as adjustments get made to your Boot Menu. Just exit without saving, and the new Boot Menu should show a possible Kernel change has been made. Go wid the default selection, which is the new Nvidia driver…if you go back to the 5.17.5 kernel, then it will use the Linux Nouveau driver. IMHO, that is a safety measure used by Fedora to stop system crashes after a Kernel update. Arch may lack that solution…I dunno?!

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    • “I always set the root user password.”
      I haven’t been asked for one. Only just a general pwd. No idea if it’s user or root.

      “dnf update”
      OMG, now I need to learn a complete new set of commands?

      “Kernel 5.17.5”
      Whoa. Even on Manjaro I’m only on 5.17.1-3

      “your old Nvidia card”
      Doesn’t apply on my mini Lenovo test machine.

      “default Nouveau”
      Eeeks! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I never used that shit. Only original NVIDIA drivers for this girl. But that only applies for my main machine anyway.

      The rest went straight above my paygrade. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      Thx for the useful hints and tricks.

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      • OMG, now I need to learn a complete new set of commands?

        Everything about Linux is Fragmented, which is why I claim there are over 3000+ Linux OSes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Fedora is actually the #2 favorite Linux Distro so answers are generally found wid simple Google search. “dnf update” is the main command. dnfdragora is the GUI for apps ‘n such.

        Wid your experience you will probably find it easy, IMHO…

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        • In my experience nothing is easy. That’s why I switched to Linux, to make my live more easy and to escape the sticks and stones MS was throwing between my legs. To escape the always changing paradigms and restrictions.
          I’m happy about having managed to memorize a handful Arch commands. Now trying to to the same again with a new distro is so pffffffffffffffffffff… Who wants to spend so much time learning how to use an office machine?


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