Pi Diary: Day 765

Omicron was yesterday. The new hotness is Pi!

And with that shocking news I wanna welcome y’all to the Pandemic chronicle of day 765 since lockdown started. Look:

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde has always been a Covid-denier and he reacts cool as usual as the 5th wave is about to hit our fair multicoloured nation. And it seems this time he’s right to downplay the imminent danger. As you can see in the second article, even the experts warn – not against the Pi mutation – but against panic!

So let’s see hat Winde has in his armory:

But Winde said the fourth wave did not even trigger level one of the action plan, when 10% of hospital beds in the province were occupied by Covid-19 patients and the oxygen use increases with 50%.
If that happens “we urgently change our message to the province. We will ask people to gather in more ventilated spaces and we will promote vaccinations on a much bigger scale”, said Winde.

You and me, dear readers, we know that wave after wave Covid became more harmless; and if we hardly felt any impact of the 4th – Omicron – and even less of the 4.5th – Deltacron – wave, what is there to expect from the 5th, the Pi wave?

Me goes back to bed …

Cya laterz


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